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Just when I thought to give Pinterest another go its gone all strange on me!  I must have opened 2 accounts at one point, heaven knows why, but there you go.  So the one I want just sits there with my logo and a few pins and I cant get at it.  Hopefully Pinterest will sort it out.  I cant remember if I opened a business account with them either so that may complicate matters.  But I am sure they are used to dozy so and so’s like me and take it all in their stride.  With a bit of luck it will be back up and running by next week – lets hope I haven’t gone off the whole idea again by then.


About tulipcat

I am a mixed media artist born in Coventry, UK. On earning a good art degree I believed it time to give myself permission to call myself an artist. Together with my little fat cat Katy I swapped seagulls for crows and moved to the South Coast. We gathered up two stray kitties on the way and the four of us now make art by the seaside. Life is good

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